About Sally

A Seattle-based designer/developer with a passion for the web

My Background

I'm a front end web developer writing W3C compliant web sites that are well integrated with scripting on the server back end. I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and mySql to create a web experience that is easy to navigate, well organized, and provides the content in an attractive way. The goal is to write efficient code as cleanly as possible while giving the user an intuitive experience that allows them to accomplish their goals quickly.

I find great satisfaction in puzzling out a coding problem and finding the solution. I also use Content Management Systems (Drupal, Wordpress) to provide foundations for sites and allow for speedy development.

My technical skills

  • CSS
  • PHP & mySql
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • Content Management Systems: Drupal & WordPress
  • Web Server Management; FTP
  • Photoshop
  • Text Editors and Integrated Development Environments
  • Responsive Design

Current Occupation

I currently enjoy working at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as a web developer. I was the primary developer for a major overhaul and update of the Marine Debris website. I also participate in internal intranet projects.

Additionally I develop and maintain a few community web sites in my spare time: Buck Lake Garden and Shorewoods.

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